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Black Hair Shampoo

Black Hair Shampoo

Black Hair Shampoo

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Black Hair Shampoo

The black hair shampoo is natural formulation. It helps to make hairs strong and change the color of the hairs. The main purpose of the shampoo is to make the hair black and return the hair soon. It is a new hair product. This formula is rich in natural Chinese herbal medicines. This formula is developed by lichen international research center based on the feature or characteristics of hair growth, color and strength. It is a natural, non-toxic and hurtles herbal product with advanced technology that helps to make hair strong. During the procedure of hair washing, you have completed the hair nutrition process and make the hairs black.


Make the hair strong

Helps to increase the strength of the hairs

It is a natural formula

Make the hairs color black

Help to make the hairs dark and shiny

Make the hairs return soon

It has no side effects

It can be used for long terms


  • First, wash your hand
  • Wash your hair thoroughly
  • Put the gloves on hand
  • Pour the mixture of the bottles in a container by 1:1
  • Mix them gently
  • Put the mixture on the hairs
  • Massage the hairs for 5 minutes until the foam is evenly spread on the hairs
  • Rinse well with water


  1. Radix linderea: the purpose of this is hair darkening and care. It helps the supplement hair pigmentation
  2. Ginseng: it helps the hair darkening. The main purpose of the ginseng is to provide you dark and shiny dark
  3. Ganoderma lucidum: it is supplement trace element. It helps to robust hairy root
  4. Gingko: it is deep moisturizing care, supplements nutrition in the hairs and supply water to the hair for the better growth
  5. Angleica: it is hair care and conditioning. It helps to provide you healthy and thick hairs
  6. Fleece flower: it helps to make the hair shiny and dark


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