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Largo Cream

Largo Cream

Largo Cream


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Largo Cream

The largo cream is a strong formula. The main purpose of this cream is to delay the ejaculation of the sperms from the penis and increase the strength and increase the time of lovemaking. This cream helps to increase the power of the men. This product is only for the use for men. This cream has no side effect. This cream can be used for long term. The largo cream is only for external use it cannot be used internally. This strong formula is a very mild non-toxic formula. It is also topical desensitizer in a specially compounded vanishing cream base.

Characteristics of Largo Cream:

  • The largo cream is a strong formula
  • It helps to increase the timing
  • This cream has no side effect
  • It can be used for long term
  • This tube is for external use
  • The largo cream delay the time of ejaculation
  • This tube increase the strength of the penis
  • This cream helps to increase the time of love making
  • The largo cream help to increase the power of men

How To Use:

First, clean the area where you want to apply the cream. After cleanly it to produce some little numbing effect over the area where you want to apply, use the cream and gently massage on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes before contact your sexual partner.


The main ingredient used to make this strong formula cream is given below:

  • benzocaine 9.6%
  • Water
  • Washable base


  1. Do not apply to cut and wounds
  2. Do not apply over abrasions or rashes
  3. Avoid the cream from contacting the eye
  4. Keep the cream away from children reach
  5. Do not use the cream internally
  6. Do not keep the largo cream at a high temperature


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